Why the success of YA film adaptations isn’t a surprise

In the worldwide box office The Hunger Games film series made £2,045,010,956, a shocking figure when you realise that the first film alone made more than 4 out of 5 Mission Impossible films, the fifth only beating THG by $318,656 (not a lot in the world of movie making). This goes to show that at the moment YA adaptations are taking the film industry by storm, the Twilight series made $3,345,177,904 in the worldwide box office, the success of which started a chain reaction of YA film adaptations that would go on to include the Divergent series, The Maze-Runner, The Fault In Our Stars and the upcoming Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (which is one of my favourite books, you can watch the trailer HERE).


However many would argue that the biggest income from these blowing up in the box office is the effect it has had on book sales. I read The Hunger Games trilogy in 2011 when it was recommended by my school librarian, of course I recommended them to my friends and I noticed that most of the girls I would classify as ‘readers’ had all read the series, it was clearly picking up momentum amongst the reading community both in my school and the world – The Hunger Games was already a hugely popular book – and so when it was announced film rights had been bought no one was surprised, what is surprising is that when the film came out in 2012 book sales went from 9.2 million and almost tripled to 27.7 million.

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